What Is an Encapsulated or Potted Coil?

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An electric coil comprises two distinct components: a conductor and a core. The conductor is typically made of solid copper wire wrapped around a metal core. A turn is created each time the wire is looped around the core, while multiple turns are considered a coil. It acts as an electrical conductor, efficiently sending an […]

What Is a Self-Supported Coil?

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An electric coil, also known as an electromagnetic coil, is an electrical conductor composed of wires wrapped around a cylindrical, disk-shaped, or toroidal ferromagnetic core. It is one of the most basic electronic components, providing inductance in an electric circuit. Inductance refers to an electrical property that opposes current flow through the circuit. Electric coils […]

What Is A Bobbin Wound Coil?

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An electric coil is a fundamental type of electronic component which provides inductance in a circuit. In other words, it is an electrical feature that opposes current flow. These coils are classified according to the coil diameter, wire gauges, number of turns and core materials. Electric coils are commonly used in manufacturing, medical instruments, and […]